This time about episodes after Samus vs. Mega Man.

I believe I've stated before that I planned on going on a hiatus after posting it due to one of the voice actors I brought on board for the hosts getting dental surgery afterwards and being unable to speak properly.

However, I've been thinking... Maybe I don't want voice actors. Maybe I should do like AnimationRewind does and just have it be myself... Except, of course going more in-depth with both characters... But on the other hand I've been thinking, I don't really like how my voice sounds when on a recording (Though I've mostly only recording myself using my phone or some crappy built-in feature) and I feel like my voice would get kind of grating (unless I alter it or something). Plus, I'm not very good at voice acting...

But at the same time, I don't want to feel like I have to wait on someone else to get an episode done, which is what I'm currently struggling with in regards to Samus vs. Mega Man. I don't want to edit it until I get the files from the voice actors.

So... I'm going to ask you then.

What should I do after Samus vs. Mega Man?

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