Mega Man
Series: Mega Man
Debut: Mega Man
December 17, 1987
Opponent: Samus Aran
Appearances: Samus vs. Mega Man

Mega Man is a character from his eponymous series. He appeared in the pilot episode of Battle Royale, where he was pit up against Samus Aran from the Metroid series.


Battle Royale InfoEdit


  • Debut: Mega Man (1987)
  • Title: DLN-001
  • Height: 4'4"
  • Weight: 230 lbs. (105 kg)
  • Alias: The Blue Bomber
  • We're talking about the original Mega Man here, not X, or .EXE, or that bad box art bastard.

Variable Weapons System

  • Allows Mega Man to obtain weapons from defeated Robot Masters.
  • Mega Buster
    • Is Mega man's default weapon.
    • Unlimited ammo.
    • Can be charged for more damage
  • Special Weapons:
    • Elemental Weapons: Ice Slasher, Thunder beam, Atomic Fire, Leaf Shield
    • Close-Range Weapons: Flame Sword, Sword Slash, Hard Kuckle
    • Other Projectiles: Metal Blade, Rolling Cutter, Quick Boomerang, Laser Trident, Hornet Chaser
    • Bombs: Hyper Bomb, Crash Bomber, Napalm Bomb
    • Other: Black Hole Bomb, Mega Ball, Time Stopper


  • Has defeated Dr. Wily numerous times.
  • Supported the Wily's Castle as it collapsed on him.
  • Managed to react to Quick Man, who can run at FTL speeds.
  • Dodged a laser from Gemini Man aimed directly at the back of his head.
  • Can support his weight on Jupiter like he was on Earth.


  • All weapons have limited ammunition.
  • Can potentially go berserk if he fights for too long.
  • Gets one-shot by environmental hazards, like spikes or lava.
  • Dropped out of relevance in Capcom's eyes until he got into Super Smash Bros.


  • Mega Man is the first Capcom combatant to be featured on Battle Royale.