So with Battle Royale just finishing it's first (I guess second technically) episode, White Ranger vs. Leonardo, wouldn't it be fun if we could track down your predictions on who you thought would have won? Well, this is the page for you (this is a terrible intro I know)!

On this page, we keep track of your prediction records. Whenever a new Battle Royale episode is announced, all you have to do is say in the comments who you think would win. It's as simple as that! However...

Here are a couple of rules:

  1. If you want to enter, you must be a registered user on the wiki, and must give your honest prediction score so far (for example, my prediction score so far is 0-2).
  2. Once you've done your prediction for the next episode, you can change it should you change your mind. However, you can only change it before the episode comes out on YouTube (unless you get to see it early by being on the Discord server) and must make a brand new comment. I won't be checking to see if you edited your comment.
  3. If you are entered and you miss an episode, you can rejoin by telling us who you predicted would have won and your prediction for the next episode. Like I said before, please be honest should you miss an episode.
  4. May the best predictor win!
- MagicRock/ThankSwalot

Battle Royale Wiki Leaderboard Edit

Last Episode: Batman vs. Punisher

Latest Episode: Cammy vs. Nina

Username Pick For Latest Episode Wins Losses Ranking
KIRBYMARIO88 N/A 3 0 1st
Notadeadguy Nina 3 0 1st
Spidermang10 Cammy 3 0 1st
FEVG620 Cammy 3 0 1st
Brobuscus101 Cammy 2 1 2nd
HeroicDefender97 Nina 2 1 2nd
CallMeKnuckles Cammy 2 1 2nd
SentryNeo Cammy 2 1 2nd
Riolu-San N/A 2 1 2nd
GalacticAttorney N/A 2 1 2nd
BestFE7Thief Cammy 2 1 2nd
RexdeDino Cammy 2 1 2nd
Desert Croc Nina 2 1 2nd
Superbuting N/A 2 1 2nd
XenuLies Cammy 1 2 3rd
Ganime Nina 0 3 4th