Author: Desert Croc

Jotaro Kujo



  • Debut: 1989 (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders)
  • Age: 17 (Part 3), 28 (Part 4), 30 (Part 5), 41 (Part 6)
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 195 cm
  • Weight: 82 kg
  • Occupation: High School Student (Part 3), Marine Biologist (Parts 4-6)
  • Backstory/History:

Jotaro is a delinquent who lives in Japan. He is rather aloof, and the reason for this is unknown as he had a good childhood. One day, Jotaro turned himself into the police after a fight, believing himself to be possessed by what he thought was an evil spirit. Even after he was allowed to leave prison, he chose to stay until his grandfather Joseph Joestar arrived with his friend, Muhammad Avdol. Joseph explained Jotaro's Stand powers and afterwards, he left the prison with Joseph and Avdol. Sometime later, Jotaro's mother, Holy, fell ill as she could not control her Stand and it was stated by Avdol that she would die within 50 days unless she was cured. The only way to do this was to kill the person who awakened the Stand, DIO. Jotaro, along with Joseph and Avdol set out to Egypt for DIO, making some allies along the way. Of course, DIO was not going to make things easy for the group.

Powers and Abilities

Star Platinum

  • Star Platinum: Star Platinum is the name of Jotaro's Stand. A Stand is the personification of one's life energy and they exist to protect their user. Stands take many appearances and their abilities differ. They are only visible to living beings that possess one. Star Platinum takes a natural humanoid appearance and it is classified as a Close-Range Stand, which means it excels at dealing damage at close-range. It is most known for throwing rapid punches which are useful for destroying objects or giving a good old beat down.

(Vol. 13, Ch. 116)(Stats)

Break Teeth

  • Superhuman Strength: Star Platinum has immense strength, allowing it to perform feats than no average human can do. Its punches can effortlessly destroy solid objects and it can also lift heavy objects, such as vehicles.

(Vol. 20, Ch. 182) (Vol. 16, Ch. 152)

Punch Barrage

  • Superhuman Speed: As well as strength, Star Platinum possess superhuman speed and reactions. It can throw thousands of punches in a matter of seconds and can catch bullets, even at point blank range. It is also able to move faster than the speed of light

(Vol 18, Ch. 165) (Vol. 12, Ch. 114)


  • Self-Preservation: Star Platinum is able to protect Jotaro at times when he is not aware of danger or cannot do anything himself to prevent further harm. For example, it was able to prevent Jotaro from shooting himself in the head by catching the bullet before it made impact, and it kept Jotaro alive when he was at the verge of death by pumping his heart with its hand.

(Vol. 12, Ch. 114)(Vol. 28, Ch. 260)

Remove Bud

  • Precision: Star Platinum is an incredibly precise stand. It is able to catch microscopic objects between its fingers and safely remove flesh buds from people's brains without any trouble.

(Vol 13, Ch. 120) (Vol. 18, Ch. 165)

Enhanced Eyesight

  • Enhanced Eyesight: Star Platinum has enhanced eyesight. This allows it to see up to four kilometers of landscape, as well as identify small details in images that a regular person would not be able to make out.

(Vol. 13, Ch. 121)(Vol. 18, Ch. 166)

Star Finger

  • Star Finger: Star Platinum can extend its middle and index fingers to a length of two meters or less. This allows it to stab its opponents from afar if it cannot reach them with its usual punches. It can also be used as a surprise attack.

(Vol. 14, Ch. 129)

Star Platinum Time Stop

  • Time Stop: This is an ability that Star Platinum gained after Jotaro's fight with DIO. It allows Star Platinum to stop time for five seconds, allowing Jotaro to turn the tables in battle.

(Vol. 28, Ch. 263)

Secret Technique

  • Joestar Family Secret Technique: This is Jotaro's last resort. It is nothing more than Jotaro retreating from the enemy so that he can think of a way to beat them. It was used to defeat Rubber Soul.

(Vol. 15, Ch. 138)



Break Toilet

  • Broke a toilet with a single kick.

(Vol. 13, Ch. 116)

Break Bars

  • Broke out of his cell by tearing open the prison bars.

(Vol. 13, Ch. 116)

Punch Through Ceiling

  • Punched Hierophant Green through a ceiling.

(Vol. 13, Ch. 119)

Punch Shark

  • Punched a shark out of the ocean into the air.

(Vol. 14, Ch. 127)

Bar Rip

  • Pulled a steel bar off a cable car.

(Vol. 15, Ch. 138)

Hole Punch

  • Punched a hole in the bottom of a cable car.

(Vol. 15, Ch. 138)

Lift Jeep

  • With a rope, he pulled a jeep out of a canyon using a car as counter-weight.

(Vol. 16, Ch. 152)

Punch Truck

  • Sent a car he was in flying by punching a truck.

(Vol. 16, Ch. 151)

Punch Across Ground

  • Punched a guy across the ground, creating a small track.

(Vol. 17, Ch. 153)

Human Bridge

  • Supported the weight of Steely Dan, who walked across his back like a bridge.

(Vol. 17, Ch. 162)

Punch Through Wall

  • Sent Steely Dan flying through a brick wall.

(Vol. 18, Ch. 165)

Break Teeth

  • Smashed through large, diamond hard teeth by punching them.

(Vol. 20, Ch. 182)

Jotaro Kick

  • Sent a fully grown man flying into a roller door with a kick.

(Vol. 21, Ch. 197)

Break Sword

  • Broke the blade of Anubis.

(Vol. 21, Ch. 198)

Young Jotaro

  • As a seven-year old, knocked out Alessi, an adult who was wielding an axe.

(Vol. 22, Ch. 209)

Skull Smash

  • Smashed DIO's skull with a punch.

(Vol. 28, Ch. 161)


Emerald Splash

  • Tanked an Emerald Splash from Hierophant Green and was sent flying through a door. The Emerald Splash is strong enough to damage a clock tower.

(Vol. 13, Ch. 119) (Vol. 27, Ch. 254)

Fan Attack

  • A fan was jammed into his shoulder and he took it without too much trouble.

(Vol. 14, Ch. 131)

On Fire

  • Survived being briefly set on fire.

(Vol. 17, Ch. 153)

Hit With Rock

  • Took a couple of blows from Steely Dan, who hit him with a rock.

(Vol. 17, Ch. 162)

Beat Up

  • Endured a beating from a group of store owners after Steely Dan accused him of theft.

(Vol 18, Ch. 164)

Fire Hydrant

  • Was sent flying into a fire hydrant, breaking it in the process, and survived.

(Vol. 21, Ch. 197)

The World Punch

  • Tanked a barrage of punches from DIO's stand, The World, which was able to trade blows with Star Platinum. The attack fractured several of Jotaro's bones.

(Vol. 28, Ch. 263) (Vol. 27, Ch. 256)


  • Fell onto the ground from a high height.

(Vol. 28, Ch. 263)

Sheer Heat Attack Explosion

  • Survived an explosion from Yoshikage Kira's Sheer Heart Attack.

(Vol. 38, Ch. 357)


Bullet Catch

  • Star Platinum caught a bullet fired from point blank range at Jotaro's head by himself.

(Vol. 12, Ch. 114)

Punch Barrage

  • Can throw thousands of punches within seconds.

(Vol 18, Ch. 165)

Finger Pull

  • Pulled off a finger from Joseph's prosthetic hand without him noticing.

(Vol. 13, Ch. 115)

Catch Glass

  • Star Platinum caught several shards of glass in midair between its fingers.

(Vol. 14, Ch. 132)


  • Buried himself underground without his allies noticing.

(Vol. 17, Ch. 153)

Platinum Vs. Chariot

  • Kept up with Silver Chariot, which can cut so fast it can create space between air.

(Vol. 21, Ch. 197)  (Vol. 14, Ch. 125)


Emerald Splash Deflect

  • Deflected Hierophant Green's Emerald Splash.

(Vol. 13, Ch. 119)

Invade Brain

  • Remained calm while a flesh bud attempted to invade his brain.

(Vol 13, Ch. 120)

Remove Bud

  • Removed a flesh bud from Kakyoin's brain without any slight movement.

(Vol 13, Ch. 120)

Button Flick

  • Flicked a button that Forever was holding through his head using Star Finger.

(Vol. 14, Ch. 132)

Fight Zombies

  • Effortlessly defeated a horde of zombies created by Justice.

(Vol. 17, Ch. 159)

Caught Lovers

  • Caught Lovers, a microscopic stand, before it could enter his brain through his ear.

(Vol. 18, Ch. 165)

Panic Attack

  • Made D'arby pass out from panic.

(Vol. 23, Ch. 216)

Dio's Defeat

  • Defeated DIO.

(Vol. 28, Ch. 264)



  • Star Platinum has super breath, as it was able to inhale Justice.

(Vol. 17, Ch. 159)

Knife Block

  • Hides magazines under his clothes for light armor. Can prevent sharp projectiles, such as knives, from killing him.

(Vol. 28, Ch. 259)


  • Was able to levitate during his fight with DIO. How this was possible is unknown.

(Vol. 27, Ch. 256)

Marble Flick

  • Can flick marbles through soda cans.

(Vol. 35, Ch. 325)


Razor Blade Cut

  • Any damage inflicted on Star Platinum will be inflicted on Jotaro. An example is when High Priestess transformed into a razor blade while Star Platinum was holding it.

(Vol. 19, Ch. 180)